Meet and Greet Link: 1/29/16

Take advantage of the weekend meet and greet. Get your blog out there and make sure to check out other blogs! I’m excited to announce that not only have I found some gems to add to my reader but my followers have gone from 50 to almost 100 just this week- in large part to OM through his networking post and to Danny the original poster of this meet and greet. Be sure to check out his blog, and let him know you found him through this reblog if it is your first time over there. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday, happy blog hunting!


Dream Big, Dream Often


The networking weekend  continues today and I hope everyone has a great Sunday with family!  Take advantage of the opportunity to find new blogs to read and potential new followers!

And remember you can leave a new link today to bump your blog to the top of the comment list for more exposure!

Meet and Greet Link

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