Grateful Sunday- Alone Time Courtesy of My Hubby

Today I am truly grateful for my thoughtful husband. I am the type of person that needs alone time, not daily (though that would be nice) but periodically. He saw that I was getting to that point that I just needed a break and did something unexpected. He booked me a massage at a local aqua spa. He got home from work, and I left for 4 hours of relaxation and alone time!

As wonderful as this sounds, it took me a bit to get to the relaxation part. With two girls- one that talks non-stop and the other that gets into everything, calm and quiet is usually disconcerting, not relaxing. So there I was in a spa with pools and showers, with water ranging from 50° to 100° (Fahrenheit of course), nothing but quiet and the slight salty aroma from the water, and I couldn’t quiet my mind.

At first I was flustered from the trip to get there (the bus connections are terrible here), then I had a hard time finding the place. So once I was able to take a few deep breaths and move the frustration out of my system, I tried to just be. I don’t know why, but it was like trying to sit still in church as a 5 year old. My mind just kept going, I couldn’t slow down my thoughts. They would go from one thing to another. The girls, did I leave enough milk? Will Baby J take her nap? That stupid bus driver pulling off as we tried to catch the bus, making me late to my massage. Now I have to get in the water, get out and have a soggy massage and come back into the water instead of massage then water spa. I’m the only person here by myself. I wonder if they think I’m single. Do they feel bad for me? Yup they definitely feel bad for me. If only they knew this is a treat, hours by myself. I can go to the bathroom and won’t have little hands banging on the door. I can take a long hot shower before I go and not have to listen for the girls or be in a rush for work. I wish my hubby were here. He’d like it, except for the hot part, and the hot water, he wouldn’t try the sauna with me, or the Turkish Bath. Do they have anything to eat? I’m starving. Actually no, he wouldn’t like it here, this is more my thing. Do any of the guys look like they are having a good time? Nah, they are all dating, they are here because their girlfriends wanted them to come. Why do they have a bar and no bar tender?  Make sure to take pictures to post one for the blog. Did I reply to all of my comments? I could use a Rum Punch, that would make me relax.

As I went from the toning pool (which is obviously ice-water brought there from the Arctic Ocean!) to the Jacuzzi I was finally able to relax and quiet my thoughts. Although there was still a sense of urgency because I was supposed to be relaxing but keeping an eye out for the time because my massage got rescheduled. Ah, the massage. I don’t know if she did a good job or not because I passed out. That’s right, she started massaging my leg and before she got to the other leg I was out. I woke up to her putting a firm hand on my shoulder and asking how it was (oh my gosh, how many times did she try to hint the massage was over before waking me up?!). Well it must have been great because I was drooling. In fairness, I was up until 4 am working on my blog and awake by 8 because that’s as late as the girls sleep in.

After the massage I was really able to enjoy myself. No commitments, no rushing, my mind was as slow as a sloth by this point. I did the circuit of pools, temperatures ranging from Antarctica to  Death Valley. I used all of the hydro-massages for my back, shoulders, and legs. I made myself walk through the hypothermia inducing waters of the toning pool and then all but run to the hot pools. I sat in the sauna and let the heat radiate my body, I tried the Turkish bath for the first time and then cooled off (and got heated up again) in the Scottish shower.

The end of my spa session was probably my favorite- a long hot shower. No listening out for the girls, no one coming in to ask a million questions they didn’t think of asking before I got in the shower, no hot water running out midway through washing my hair. Just a nice, long, relaxing shower in water as hot as I could stand it.

By the time I left, I didn’t have a care in the world. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my time alone, I couldn’t wait to see my family. We met up to have a meal together, originally out in search of an Indian restaurant, hunger took priority over my craving so we went to a Lebanese restaurant I had been to years ago.

Looked too good to take a picture before taking a bite (or two!).

It was absolutely delicious! We tend to stick to places we love, so we are making more of an effort to try new things. I’m all about experiencing new things but somehow seem to go for what I know when it comes to food. It was the perfect way to end such a great day. We had good food and good conversation and I was beaming with happiness by the time I went to bed. I fell asleep moments after my head hit the pillow with thoughts of gratitude zipping through my mind as my consciousness faded.

6 Replies to “Grateful Sunday- Alone Time Courtesy of My Hubby”

  1. Once that relaxation sets in, bliss….I had a couple of nights away with my best friend at a spa for a treat just after the new year and it was so good to just eat, chat and relax. Lots of drooling. 🙂


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