Blog Challenge!

This year I have committed to writing. It has always been my first love, well technically second but only to reading. I have just never considered myself a writer. For me writing is an outlet, an escape, it is therapeutic. I’ve kept journals since I was 10 and as time went on I transitioned into writing in a Word document because it’s quicker for me to get my thoughts down typing, plus I don’t get writer’s cramps.

I came across a post for a writing challenge, at first I didn’t think much of it. I have enough on list of things to blog. Plus I’m not really into writing contests, nothing wrong with them they just aren’t my thing. Then I thought some more, it’s not a contest it’s a challenge. A challenge, that’s interesting; especially because part of the challenge is to read the posts of the 5 blogs after you on the list. This is writing, networking, building the blogging community, taking me out of my comfort zone. This is exciting! It’s in line with my blogging goal to write something daily. So the answer was simple, go for it!

I figured this would be like exercising, I would have the best chance of success if I was accountable to someone else. There are days that I don’t have time and other days that I don’t have the inspiration (I prefer not to post just to say I did) and I can come up with a plethora of other excuses reasons not to write much less post everyday. If I see that hundreds of other people can find a moment to post then so can I! Nothing like a good old fashioned challenge to get my butt in gear!

The challenge is to write a post a day (except Sundays) in April. It’s an A-Z challenge, meaning each day you write a post about something starting with the letter of the day. After I get done with my Grateful Sunday post, I’m going to start brainstorming for the challenge. I don’t know if I want to follow a theme of some sort, if I want to just take advantage and free write, if I want to try my hand at different types of writing. I’m in the pre-planning phase right now.

So dear blogger, I’m encouraging you to join the A-Z challenge. Check out this post for information on how it got started and why. Read here about the benefits of a writing challenge. Now that you have all of the information I did at the time I accepted the challenge, here is the place to sign up if you’re interested. I’m currently number 503 on the list of bloggers that have signed up and it just opened on Monday (I think I signed up on Thursday). There are currently 524 bloggers that have accepted the challenge, so if nothing else, you will be able to browse through a ton of blogs! When I signed up, I forgot to include a category code behind my name. It’s optional but it will probably make your blog stand out among the masses if someone is looking for blogs of a particular category to check out, so don’t forget to do that!

Let me know in the comments if you’re joining so I can be sure to check out your challenge posts. If you aren’t what is holding you back? Have you ever participated in a writing challenge? Are there any other writing challenges going on? Don’t be shy! If you see something, say something! I love interacting with my readers. Have a great Sunday!

15 Replies to “Blog Challenge!”

  1. Yes, I have just signed up as well! 😉 I’ve done it before and it’s always been a lot of fun so looking forward to it again. I’ll be writing about music, hope it’ll be interesting 😉
    – Andrea

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  2. Thanks for the info I was wondering about that A to Z thing. Starts in april right? I tried to click on your link however it didn’t take me anywhere 😦 Any suggestions on how I can get to the sign up page? Thanks…..Annette

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    1. Hi Annette, thanks for stopping by. Yes, it starts in April. That’s strange, not sure which one of the links you cliced on, I clicked on a couple on that page and they all worked for me. If you know which one, let me know and I’ll check the link again.

      Here is the link to the sign up-

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      1. I just changed the color of links on my most recent post to hold because I noticed that. That might blue is the standard one and I was wondering if it was hard to see. I’ll have to ask if the gold if easier to see. Thanks Annette, and I’m glad you got it to work. Did you sign up?

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      2. Glad I mentioned it then. Will be easier for me to read and follow your links now 🙂 yes I signed up! I am nervous and hope I do it correctly lol!! I look forward to doing this together and reading yours. Thanks for the link too!!

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