Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- You can tell a lot about someone by what they pin

It’s funny because I always wonder what people that follow me on Pinterest think. You can tell what is on my mind based on what I pin.
If I’m hungry I pin 100 delicious recipes (only to make a sandwich because I spent so much time pinning I’m starving and can’t wait another second to get something in my stomach). Other days I’ll pin 25 different smokey eye-shadow looks (if you know me in real life, you haven’t seen me wear eye-shadow in the at least 3 years, but you never know when  that important life skill will come in handy). Or you might see me save different ways to be a better parent- no yelling parenting, gentle parenting, try not to pull your hair out from sheer frustration parenting.

I have gotten sneaky and created a few secret boards. Most of them are crochet and craft related in case I ever find the time and dedication to sell crafts (hey I don’t want people I know to make their own crafts from ideas I found for free when they can pay me to make them eventually).

I also use it as a way to generate ideas for things to get for my hubby because I’m not a shopper and he is always hard to shop for anyway. So when it comes time for me to get him a gift, I can just chose something from one of his recent pins I’ve added to my secret hubby board. Well now that I’ve given that away I guess I won’t be sharing this post with him.

It’s interesting to see pins of people I know because it gives me insight into what kind of things they like. Sometimes it’s typical- recipes, life hacks, wish lists and others its just boring- 100 ways to use baking soda, 5 ways to clean your toilet when you run out of bathroom cleaner and don’t feel like going to the store. Now that I think about it, Pinterest might be the new cyber-stalking site, move over Facebook!

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