Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- The Great Blogging Debate

My last chance to post this for the week while it’s still technically Wednesday somewhere, seeing as it is Thursday morning on my side of the world. The more I write, the more I debate with myself whether or not to change my profile picture and write anonymously. 

On the one hand if I were to be anonymous I would probably write more candid, open, pieces without filter or restraint. I wouldn’t worry about someone that actually knows me in real life reading my blog, knowing it’s me and feeling judged and exposed.

On the other hand, that isn’t who I am. I’m a tell it like it is, what you see is what you get kind of person. So if for no other reason, I don’t think that I could be this person behind the blog that no one “knows”. As an avid reader I know there is something about putting a face to the writing that makes it more endearing, at least for me. So while it would be easier for me to be more candid behind a generic profile picture and fictitious name, that’s not me.

So I’m going to make the effort to be bold, to write without filter, without fear, not worry about what people that I know might think and just put myself out there. Cyber world is a big place, so people that I know might not ever stumble across my blog. If they do I hope they like what they read, if they don’t well you can’t please everyone.

11 Replies to “Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- The Great Blogging Debate”

  1. Another interesting and authentic post. So many of us feel or felt the same way at a certain point. There’s this blogger I follow and enjoy very much who gives advice about author branding, Kristen Lamb. She actually says always, always, always write as the real you. Her book Rise of The Machines puts this in really humurous terms. You’ll take away a lot by reading her blog posts, she’s funny, and her research is valuable.

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  2. So I just checked out her blog, she is hilarious! Literally laughing out loud (as opposed to straight faced lol texty term). People were walking by likely thinking I was crazy because I was laughing with tears in my eyes reading my phone. Ahhh I love a good laugh. 🙂


      1. And that’s the important thing! You’re just being yourself and look how well everybody responses to that! That’s got to be great validation for the choices you’ve made with your blog 🙂

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  3. This is a great post. I felt like you were talking to me. I am experiencing the same bloggy crossroads. The A to Z Challenge has changed my blogging philosophy. I think it is your ability to authentically articulate (alliteration much?) about life that keeps people loyal than your blog. It’s a wonderful thing!

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