Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- How to get ready in the morning when you aren’t a morning person

I used to be so bright and cheery in the morning. Up early, and ready to tackle the day. These days the only thing I’m ready to tackle in the morning is my pillow. My morning routine actually begins at night, this is because I’m such an anti-morning person that it would lead to rushing if I didn’t start at night.

I begin by picking out my clothes. I don’t mean thinking of an outfit and knowing which to pick when I get up. No, that is for semi-morning people. I mean physically laying out each clothing item, accessories included so that I don’t even have to think about where anything is. Then I pack my backpack- wait what? You aren’t a grown up that goes to work? Why yes, yes I am but let me finish. I check my backpack to make sure my wallet, work-keys and current book I’m reading are in it. I check my pump to make sure I have all of the components because my 13 month old is still breastfeeding. Then I check my alarm to make sure I didn’t give up on snoozing and just move it ahead an hour, finally start my night routine of brushing my teeth and such to go to bed.

So in the blink of an eye the morning comes around and my alarm starts going off interrupting a perfectly good and restful sleep. So I do the only logical and thing any anti-morning person does and I hit snooze and I hit it again two or three times eventually getting up between 45 minutes and an hour after the alarm originally went off feeling annoyed that it is time to get up but glad to have been able to sleep in for 45 more minutes in 15 minute intervals before inevitably having to get up at the last possible minute that would allow me to get ready without being late. Now does it make sense that I pick my clothes out at night?

After taking a 10 minute lukewarm shower (must be lukewarm and not a nice toasty relaxing shower because then instead of a 5 minute attempt to finish waking myself up, it would be a 15 to 20 minute nice relaxing shower and let’s be real, I don’t have time for that!). Thank goodness hair and makeup only takes 15 minutes! I spend 10 minutes making my curly hair look effortlessly put together and 5 making my face look the opposite of how I feel- like I just crawled out of the warm comfy cave that is my bedroom. Then I grab the reuseable ice blocks to keep the milk cool and head out to the bus stop.

Did I mention we don’t have a car yet? So to add insult to injury I have to get up an hour earlier than I would if I had a car for an hour ride on the bus for what is a 10 minute trip in a car. So this is why I literally don’t have a minute to spare, because that extra minute somehow turns into 5 which would make me miss the bus that passes once an hour to get me to my destination 10 minutes away. It’s OK, it’s not as bad as I make it out to be. That gives me two hours a day of uninterrupted me time. I take advantage of that ride to read, think or do what I’m doing now and write a blog post (or three). I’ll probably miss riding the bus once we get a car because then I won’t have that couple of hours a day to myself but on the bright side, I will have an hour more to sleep in 15 minute intervals.

5 Replies to “Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- How to get ready in the morning when you aren’t a morning person”

    1. Haha necessity drove me to start it at night. Otherwise everyday started off stressful because I was in a rush and couldn’t find stuff and it seemed everything that could go wrong did and it was all my own doing. So now it’s much easier although I still have a hard time getting up every now and then 😉

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