Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Things I Miss About the States

I enjoyed living in the states and there are many great aspects of it that I do enjoy but I wanted to poke fun at other aspects so I figured I’d post about them. The only thing I truly do miss is my mom, even though we still talk on the phone everyday. I saw her once a week and enjoyed our weekly BBQs, game day and hanging out in the closest thing to paradise the burbs have- her backyard. Maybe next time I’ll do a post on things I actually miss about the states but for now I hope you get a laugh out of this one.

1. Big name chain stores that are open 24 hours because never mind I’m in bed by 9:00 it brings me comfort knowing that if I needed to make a run to the store at 3 am I could (even though I’ve never needed to go after regular store hours).

2. Large, over-sized, gas guzzling vehicles because how else can I pack my 2 kids and stuff to get from one place to another if not in an over-sized vehicle that couldn’t fit on a European road never mind park here.

3. Restaurants with drive-thrus because when I’m hungry I don’t feel like sitting down waiting for the waiter/tress to take my order and finally have the food brought to me after 20 coffees have been served and people are finishing their pastries and I’m hangrily waiting for my food. Drive up, drive out with food in hand.

4. The hustle and bustle of the city. Nothing makes me feel like I’m living life to the fullest like being stuck in rush hour traffic for an hour or two. I love hearing the horns honking and lipreading the vulgar language of the driver passing by as they cut me off.

5. Cubicles. There is no better way to spend an 8 hour work day than being surrounded by a makeshift office space of ¾ walls with bright artificial lighting. The sense of individuality and creativity that a cubicle exudes is invigorating.

6. My square block radius. I really miss having the gas station, grocery store and park within walking distance of my house. Not that I walked, what am I crazy? I just liked that I didn’t have to go more than a block away from my cave, I mean house to get stuff done. You know, I lived in this huge city for years and only ate at the same restaurants and went to the same places because the city was just too big for me to want to explore on my days off only to find something similar to what was on the corner of the block by my house 37 miles back that way.

7. The air. I really loved the smoggy air and high pollution advisories that made having asthma hardly noticeable.

8. The lifestyle. I really miss the culture and way of life. You know the essence of American life, the American dream, the idea of living in the biggest house, filling it with the most stuff, driving a nice car, even though you are at work and stuck in rush hour so long by the time you stop to pick up dinner at the store on the corner of your block that you barely have time to enjoy any if it.

9. Back to vehicles, having a car so I can park in the space closest to my destination to avoid me having to walk one step further than necessary because let’s be honest, legs are only meant to be used when you can’t drive there.

10. English. Because who wants to live in a country full of different languages and cultures? Diversity and acceptance is overrated.

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