#MomLife Monday- My Favorite Child

As a kid you always think that your parents not only play favorites but have a favorite. They always take one child’s side, always give in, overlook, coddle, and just plain treat them better. Of course as a kid it was my baby brother. My parents always took his side, blamed and punished me. As an adult, that’s another story. I’m my mom’s favorite hands down.

I’m a realist. I call it like I see and and I don’t discriminate. Case in point, I told my husband when I was pregnant with my oldest that I wasn’t going to be one of these moms going on about how cute my kid was if they really looked like Shrek. Which makes my mind wander to the question do parents of ugly kids actually think they are cute? Anyway back to the case, so I told him that if our kid was ugly I was just going to have to help them accept that fact early in life. I mean not everyone can be good looking. I wouldn’t flat out tell them they were ugly but I wouldn’t shower them with compliments of their beauty every time I saw them either. It’d be more like, “you look so cute in that”, “yellow is definitely your color”, “I love your hair like that!” Plus I’d rather they be a good person than be cute, and even though they did turn out to be cute, I don’t tell them that too often because I don’t want it getting to their heads.

So now that we’ve established how hard it is to have me for a mom, I’m going to tell you who my favorite child is. I don’t have have one. I’ve realized I have a favorite stage. So far my favorite stage has been the 10-15 month stage. They do the cutest things, signing, giving kisses at will, understanding that they make you laugh. Easily entertained, not old enough to talk back or get into trouble. Then there’s the chunky cheeks, big eyes, rolls on legs, dimples on the hands, tiny pudgy feet and sweet milk breath. No I don’t have a favorite child but oh how I do enjoy this cuddly kiss it better stage.

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