#MomLife Monday- Things Kids Say

IMG_20160102_123354 (1).jpgDon’t let this cute little face fool you, she will tell you exactly like it is. The other day while getting ready for bed, she brings up ideas for the weekend. She informs me that she wants to have a quiet relaxing family day. “That sounds great”, I think to myself, “I can deal with a low-key, laid back day” . She continues to list the schedule of the family bonding day which includes card games, memory and dancing. Sounds fun and innocent enough.

“Mom, I know that you want to lose weight, so I think we should dance because that’s good exercise. I don’t need to lose weight because I already dance and play volleyball so I’m in shape but I want to be supportive of you.” I could not contain my laughter. I could tell by the look on her face that she was confused as to why I was laughing and eventually she began to laugh too because my laughter was contagious.

I see how caring and sweet she was being and she didn’t see any malice in what she said because she really said it with the kindest and best of intentions. Had those words come from anyone else they probably wouldn’t have been so well received  (not that I couldn’t stand to lose some weight but I’m pretty sensitive about it) but I know that she really was saying it because she meant what she said. It just makes me laugh because kids are so innocent. I love the no filter phase even when it is at my expense.

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