Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday- Fools Rush In

I’m feeling transparent today and feel like writing about something personal on my Whatever’s On My Mind Wednesday post. So I’ve decided on the story of how my husband and I met.

The funny thing is my husband and realized that we almost met each other on several occasions before we actually did. The closest time we almost met was at a house party for my 17th birthday. He was invited but decided not to go. We actually met through mutual friends. My best friends in high school were twins, and they had an older sister that my husband used to date back in his early teenage years. One day one of the twins, her older sister and I took their nieces and nephews to a park to hang out and eat pizza. The older sister thought we could use some entertainment so she called a funny old friend of hers to meet us at the park.

I didn’t know him so beyond saying hi I pretty much sat there and ate my pizza and listened to the three of them talk and tell old stories. He was definitely funny. I laughed more than I had in a while. He had a great smile and was naturally funny and I could tell he was a well liked guy. Easy to get along with and make conversation. When we left I didn’t think much of it and didn’t expect to see him again.

The next week he stopped by my house to take some measurements. He scared the ever loving life out of me! I was pulling the trash containers to the curb, walking backwards when he snuck up on me. Did i mention that while of average height (maybe slightly below average) he has the back of a linebacker and turning around almost smack dab into him almost made me pee on myself? He helped me take the garbage container to the curb, and the container filled with enough beer bottles to make it look like I lived in a frat house (my friend had just had a party- I didn’t even drink beer).

It turns out that he was making good on his word to hook us up with some tile to get rid of the old carpeting in the bedrooms of the house we were renting. Little did I realize that was just an excuse to come over. I felt weird letting him come in the house because I didn’t know him but him and my best friends went way back so I let him in. Had my friend not gotten home from work a few moments later I think he would have just taken the measurements and left. I noticed that his relaxed, cool, easy demeanor from the park was all but gone. When she got home, they made conversation and he stuck around for a bit and had a few beers. I stayed for a bit and then went off to my room to read.

Over the course of the next few weeks he dropped by more and more and his work related excuses were no longer needed. He would stay late into the night talking and drinking with my friend and whatever friends or coworkers stopped by after work. One night I decided to join them for a bit and walked right into a set up. Moments after walking in my friend asked him if he had a girlfriend and continued to ask what three things he likes most about a woman. His response- 1. a big butt 2. curly hair and 3. I can’t remember because I didn’t fit that description. Without missing a beat I said that it was funny that I was two out of three of those things. My friend was shocked because that was not like me at all. Never one to come onto guys, always one to make them sweat.

A few nights later, he was over again and I announced that I was going to Applebee’s for happy hour and wanted to see if anyone wanted to join me. No one was up for it so I went by myself and enjoyed a couple of nice large strawberry Daiquiris.  Not being a beer drinker I got bored listening to their conversation as the night went on the the beer started to steer. So I ate my overpriced yet delicious burger, drank my Daiquiris and went back to the house. I stayed up a bit later, talked a bit more, laughed a lot harder and went to bed.

Later on the next week, hard to imagine I know, but my now husband came over again. My friend brought a couple of friends over and they brought one of those hookah contraptions with them. I had never heard of the stuff and eating or drinking after someone else is not my thing, much less putting something in my mouth they just did so I passed. I went to the room to change out of my work clothes and my now husband knocks on the door and comes in. He sits on the bed and tells me that he has something to tell me and he wants to say it before one of the other two guys at the house makes their move. He told me that he liked me and that he wanted to see if we could give things a shot and see how they go- not in those words but that was where he was going with it.

So we did typical first date things- went out to eat (he took me to a local pizza joint and ordered wings…how in the world can you eat chicken wings and look cute?! You can’t so I decided f*c$ it, I’m just going to eat the wings, forget being cute, and trying to impress, that’s not me anyway. So I ate at least 10 wings and a slice of pizza and wanted to go into a food coma). As we rode in the car one day I noticed that we had almost the same radio stations saved on our radios. If it were a town of 1,200 people that wouldn’t be saying much but living in a city with a plethora of stations I realized we had love for the same music, oldies being our number one station of choice. Sign #1.

We saw each other more frequently, and by this time of course had exchanged numbers. He would call me every morning on my way to work and talk to me during my hour and a half commute. I left at 5:30 and even though he had to be up I thought it was sweet for him to get up to be ready so that he could talk to me during that time. We would text throughout the day and I would think about him and get butterflies and couldn’t wait for the workday to end so I could see him. He would call me promptly upon getting off work and talk to me over the hour and a half commute back. I loved our conversations and that he was calling me and we would spend so much time talking about things. Sign #2

During these long conversations we discovered that we both loved movies. Not just yeah, I’ll catch a big box name movie every now and then. No we both loved movies, like go to the movie theater every weekend, leave the movie inspired and dreaming of what life would be like kind of movie lovers. Sign #3

One of our first dates was to the fair. He had been at the house hanging out and he left and came back to pick me up in the early evening. I got ready, trying to smell good and look cute, you know all the things you do to impress when you first start dating, and when I opened the door to leave with him I was shocked because we both decided to wear a red shirt and dark blue jeans. Sign #4

By this point we went well together, we were like peanut butter and jelly, hot chocolate and marshmallows, chicken and waffles, you get the idea. I had never been looking for signs but they were reassuring, and I didn’t need them anymore. My grandma always said that when you met the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with, you would just know. It never made sense to me, I was always waiting for a love movie like gesture or moment, something monumental. In the end, it was the little things, we balanced each other out, we had great conversation, he made me laugh until my eyes teared and my cheek muscles hurt, we got along really, and we enjoyed the same things.

What came next was only natural. After two months of dating, my friend and I didn’t see eye to eye on our living arrangement so I was going to get my own place. My now husband offered for me to stay with him for a couple of weeks until I found something. I know what you’re thinking, I moved in and just never moved out. Well it probably would have been that way but he was staying with his older brother and his family so I really did find my own place, only instead of finding my own place, we found ourselves a place because by the time we had saved the money to cover all of the moving costs I found out I was pregnant. So he found us a charming single story home close to a park that I absolutely fell in love with.

wedding day.jpg
On our wedding day- 5 months pregnant. We got married at the courthouse, went to the mall to take pictures and went home and I made his favorite- spaghetti with garlic bread and we watched a movie and went to bed. Simple, but a wonderful day.

Within 6 months of meeting, we were living together, I was pregnant and we were married. From the outside looking in, it was crazy! Who does that? I know people thought it was nuts, and that I was young. They thought we would be divorced within a year, but for us it was a natural progression of the relationship. Why waste more time when we both knew what we wanted? It hasn’t been a sappy love movie, more like a rom-com with a twist of drama but overall it has been wonderful. We have grown up, matured, and put hard work into our relationship because even though we want the same things, you can get lost in the day to day routine and after kids, the relationship can take a back seat. But since our relationship started with such a fundamental structure of communication, that open communication is what has made the difference and gotten us to where we are 8 years later.

We have yet to see if this will go for the long haul and continue on to celebrate 50 plus years of marriage together but this isn’t a competition, I’m not out to prove anything. I just consider myself lucky to be with my best friend didn’t mind being looked at as a fool with me.

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